Monday, July 18, 2016

Finally after a long hard year. Storm At Sea top is finally finished and ready to go in my floor frame. I will be hand quilting it and will be posting pictures of the pattern and the progress. Thanks everyone for following along with me on this journey

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Storm At Sea. Last Unit Done

Well this is our last unit. It consists of 9 pieces. Is an easy one to make, here are the step by step pictures. Tomorrow I get to start putting all of these units together. There r 2 different blocks and i will post all the steps and pics of each one, then the order they go in to make the quilt with the border around it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Storm At Sea.

I know you all thought I had deserted you. Well did get side tracked a little. Had to make a dog bed for one friend and a quilt for another friends daughter. But i did finally get back on track with our Storm At Sea. Here are the pictures of Units 4 and 5. all finished now. And a picture of all of our units together. Unit 4 takes one S4 and four T9 Made 28 of this Unit. And. Unit 5 which takes one D6 diamond. and two T25 and two T25r.Made 60 of these. So now we r up to 220 units finished. WE have 25 more to make of Unit 6. Have to tell you I am still in love with all of the beautiful Batiks I am using in this Storm At Sea Leave a message and let me know what all of you think of them so far. And I promise to get right on the sewing of this last unit so we can start assembling this Storm At Sea.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Storm At Sea Unit 3

Ok. well took a tiny break. went on short road trip. but back at machine hard at it Also went to the gym Monday and worked out with a trainer lol. Had to crawl out of bed the last 2 mornings, but will go back tomorrow. Ok Here are the latest pics of the latest unit. This one is made up of one square and 4 HST. When I am doing these i always try to make sure i have them center to center. The square I fold wrong side to wrong side and crease it with my nail, and the HST i fold right side to right side and crease it in middle . then your crease in your HST will fit right over the crease in you square and u know u have the center. I place a pin there and one on each side of center. This was an easy unit to make. I had to do 24 of these So far we have a total of 104 units with 416 pieces. Here are the pics. also a pic of all 3 sets of units. Attached Images Attached Images

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Second Unit of Storm At Sea

Finally back with the next unit for our quilt. These are made with 2 dark T25 and 2 dark T25r and one light diamond. If you want the template for the diamonds, just email me and i will try to send u the template. You will need 54 of these and it does take awhile. lol if u r like me and u have to use the seam ripper because u sewed them on wrong.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Storm At Sea Day 7

Ok so here is our first unit. These are made up of 1, 3 1/2 in square, from our dark fabric, and 4 hst(made from cutting a 3 inch square in half diagonally.) In this quilt u will need 28 of these units. And here are pictures of the steps. You will see that i pin. I am a big believer in pinning. if it slips, even a smidgen. it can end up making a difference when we are ready to put the units together and make our squares. If the pictures are not clear, then just ask and I will be glad to answer any and all questions. It is the way we learn, by asking. lol and I have done lots and lots of asking and still do.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My first Storm At Sea Quilt In 1997

Thought you might get a kick out of seeing the first Storm At Sea quilt I made. Was for my son when he left home for college. One day after he was out on his own in this world he brought it to me and said it needed some repair work lol. Well when I saw the shape it was in I told him ,son, it is beyond repair but I will make you another quilt, any pattern you want. so, he wanted the same pattern lol. Now this was the first quilt i ever made, and looking at it i see lots of mistakes, corners that do not show, lol. I have pieced several quilts since then, and this is the first time I have made the same pattern twice, but will for my boy. Here is a picture of my work early on lol. and it is ok if it makes u giggle or brings a smile to your face.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Storm At Sea Day 6

Well today is day 6. and I finished up the cutting. Added 120 T25 and 120 T25r, and showing a picture of the whole quilt cut out now. I will now go and set up my sewing area. will want it just right, make it as easy to reach the pieces as I need them. Thanks to all of you for following along with me. lol and will not start posting the squares that we will need.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Storm At Sea Day 5

Today it was the lights turn to be cut. So, we did 56 Diamonds, 96 hsts,50 3 7/8" squares cut into 100 hsts. 36 3 1/2" squares, 36 3" squares, and a 120 (2 13/1/16" X 5 7/16") rectangles which we will cut into 120 T25 triangles and 120 T25r triangles in the morning. And guys, that is all the cutting done!! lol Thank Goodness. And then I will get to set up our sewing area tomorrow. This quilt will be made with different sets of squares and rectangles made, and sewed together to make the large squares. Here are the pics of today's work.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 4 and moving along

So yesterday I had 104 2 13/16 by 5 9/16 rectangles to cut and turn into 104T25 and 104T25r lol. the directions say to place right sides together then cut from to left corner down to bottom right corner. easy directions. lol But since we are working with Batiks, nooooooooooot so easy lol. Well I was so frustrated yesterday afternoon and my eyes were so tired from trying to tell the difference that I had to just shut down and walk away :):) And yes it happens to any quilter. So I tend to dream when i have a problem lol and last night in middle of night that light bulb in my brain FINALLY came on. Well when you purchase material. they always fold it right side to right side , and when I place it in stash, is still folded right side to right side, and when i place it on my table, i place it on cutting board still folded, right side to right side. :):) So of course top one was the T25r and the bottom one was the T25 lol. So I awoke at 5am this morning so excited, I could now cut these 208 pieces lol. And now we are done cutting the Batiks, the darks. Here is pictures of the T25s that gave me such a headache and all of our pieces together so far. And now onward to our ligts, easier to tell right side from wrong side with them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well today is our third day, and we are making progress. Almost all of the batiks, the darks, are cut. Tomorrow we will finish with them, and start with the lights. Today we did 25 4 1/2 inch squares. 144 hsts, and 104 rectangles. which will be cut tomorrow to make 104 Ts and 104 TsR. Also will cut on the lights. no idea how far i will get with them tomorrow. But, I can see us getting to start making blocks by Thursday for sure :):):) Please let me know what you think of it so far.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Second Day of Storm At Sea

Second day of cutting, and we have several pieces now. We have added today 60 light triangles, 20 6 1/2 inch squares and 100 half square triangles. Also you will see how I keep my pieces organized until I am ready to sit down and start sewing.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Here are the first 60 pieces.These are the diamonds cut from the dark Batiks. Was today's progress. I love the dark tones of these Batiks. So, 60 pieces cut, and a couple thousand more to go.
Hi guys.getting ready here to start a new quilt. It will be Storm At Sea. I will be posting updates daily now. So far I have chosen the materials, set up cutting table, and started making templates. Also have gotten a few strips cut. this quilt is made with darks, and lights. I have cut 20 (4 3/8 by 22 ) strips. From these I will cut 60 diamonds.I will do all the cutting of the dark fabrics first. Here is what I have to show so far. The materials that I have selected. Doing this one in Batiks. lol and I do love my Batiks.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Burgoyne Surround now on my bed, is very special quilt, made for my future life, love the journey it has taken me on, and love that the end of this journey is in site. Hope all of you have enjoyed taking this journey with me.