Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Storm At Sea Unit 3

Ok. well took a tiny break. went on short road trip. but back at machine hard at it Also went to the gym Monday and worked out with a trainer lol. Had to crawl out of bed the last 2 mornings, but will go back tomorrow. Ok Here are the latest pics of the latest unit. This one is made up of one square and 4 HST. When I am doing these i always try to make sure i have them center to center. The square I fold wrong side to wrong side and crease it with my nail, and the HST i fold right side to right side and crease it in middle . then your crease in your HST will fit right over the crease in you square and u know u have the center. I place a pin there and one on each side of center. This was an easy unit to make. I had to do 24 of these So far we have a total of 104 units with 416 pieces. Here are the pics. also a pic of all 3 sets of units. Attached Images Attached Images

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