Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Storm At Sea.

I know you all thought I had deserted you. Well did get side tracked a little. Had to make a dog bed for one friend and a quilt for another friends daughter. But i did finally get back on track with our Storm At Sea. Here are the pictures of Units 4 and 5. all finished now. And a picture of all of our units together. Unit 4 takes one S4 and four T9 Made 28 of this Unit. And. Unit 5 which takes one D6 diamond. and two T25 and two T25r.Made 60 of these. So now we r up to 220 units finished. WE have 25 more to make of Unit 6. Have to tell you I am still in love with all of the beautiful Batiks I am using in this Storm At Sea Leave a message and let me know what all of you think of them so far. And I promise to get right on the sewing of this last unit so we can start assembling this Storm At Sea.

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