Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 4 and moving along

So yesterday I had 104 2 13/16 by 5 9/16 rectangles to cut and turn into 104T25 and 104T25r lol. the directions say to place right sides together then cut from to left corner down to bottom right corner. easy directions. lol But since we are working with Batiks, nooooooooooot so easy lol. Well I was so frustrated yesterday afternoon and my eyes were so tired from trying to tell the difference that I had to just shut down and walk away :):) And yes it happens to any quilter. So I tend to dream when i have a problem lol and last night in middle of night that light bulb in my brain FINALLY came on. Well when you purchase material. they always fold it right side to right side , and when I place it in stash, is still folded right side to right side, and when i place it on my table, i place it on cutting board still folded, right side to right side. :):) So of course top one was the T25r and the bottom one was the T25 lol. So I awoke at 5am this morning so excited, I could now cut these 208 pieces lol. And now we are done cutting the Batiks, the darks. Here is pictures of the T25s that gave me such a headache and all of our pieces together so far. And now onward to our ligts, easier to tell right side from wrong side with them.

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